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Tag: Marketing

The Secret to Market Research Strategy Success

Secret to Market Research Success Engaging, recruiting, and motivating your market research panelists and keeping them excited about your surveys is a crucial aspect of your market research strategy! Market research incentive programs are an excellent way to motivate your panelists, boost survey completions, and it is an easy and cost-effective opportunity that every market […]

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How to Use Incentives to Increase Your Net Promoter Score

A common metric for measuring customer loyalty and predicting business performance is the net promoter score. Many businesses are intimately familiar with this metric and work hard to get a good score. One way to improve your NPS is through the use of incentives. How to Check Your Net Promoter Score Let’s start with how […]

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How to Choose the Right Loyalty Marketing Company

CHOOSE THE RIGHT LOYALTY MARKETING COMPANY What makes a loyalty marketing company different and how do you know which is right for you?  Are you looking for a program where the loyalty technology is tailored specifically to your needs or do you want an incentive program solution that gets even the most difficult product launch […]

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How To Use Digital Rewards To Create A Successful Business

HOW TO USE DIGITAL REWARDS TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS The world is going digital. Everywhere you look there seems to be someone Googling something, searching for information, directions, and posting a tweet. Businesses are following suit and going digital as well. This not only means putting their information online but also, offering digital rewards […]

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