15 Great Health and Wellness Incentive Program Ideas

BY Lucy Fang
Jun 22, 2017
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To craft a successful health and wellness program, a participating company must establish a healthy culture and continue to motivate their participants. The overall goal of a health and wellness program is to embrace and cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and to do so the participating company must create a healthy culture. Below we have listed 15 incentive program ideas that help promote a healthy environment but be mindful that implementing these helpful tips doesn’t stop there. A company must have a well thought out strategy in order to keep your employees motivated in a health and wellness program.

  1. Flex Benefits Credits
  2. Half a Year Membership to Weight Watchers or a Local Fitness Studio Per Year Following Active Participation
  3. Drawings for iPads, Travel, Gift Cards, Smart TVs, FitBits, Fitness Equipment, Merchandise
  4. Recognition and Celebratory Events
  5. Up to x Amount of Dollars Per Couple Into an Additional HRA Fund
  6. Upon Completion, a $100 Reward For an Accomplished HRA, Health Screening, and Health Report With Action Plan
  7. Up to $1,000 towards an HRA
  8. Drawing For a Full Day of PTO Upon Completion of the Health Assessment
  9. Health Cash Points For Employees and Their Significant Other If They Have Continually Engaged In The Wellness Program
  10. $50-$100 For Completion of The Wellness Requirements + Enrollment
  11. A Bi-Weekly Raffle of $500 to Boost Engagement
  12. Merit Pay and Bonuses Offered For Program Participation
  13. Allowance or Reimbursements Up to x Amount of Dollars Annually Towards Off Site Fitness Centers or Gyms
  14. $75-$100 Upon Completion of a Smoking Cessation Program
  15. A Tobacco Free Allowance Applied Toward Health Plan Premiums

The above tips offer great advice to creating a healthy environment for employees, but the task at hand is maintaining motivation. Without an effective strategy and management solution in place, the information above cannot be successful. At All Digital Rewards we implement a lot of these great ideas, but combine them in an incentivised, measurable and effective strategy. To learn more about accomplishing success in your next health and wellness program give us a call at 866.415.7703 or simply click the “Schedule A Demo” button at the bottom of the page!