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Employees love earning points in incentive programs they can spend on a wide range of prizes such as gift cards, corporate merchandise, or other products or services such as cash bonuses, profit sharing, or additional paid vacation time. They respond enthusiastically and are well acquainted with what is required to participate in points-based reward models.

All Digital Rewards’ extensive offerings of rewards and incentives supported by our proprietary SaaS STACK™ solutions provide clients with a true turnkey reward management solution to fit small and large-scale employee recognition incentive programs.


  • Motivational Tool
  • Promotes Teamwork
  • Retain Top Talent
  • Boosts Morale
  • Measurable Results
  • Increases Service Levels

All Digital Rewards team of experts are standing by to assist you design, develop, and implement a highly effective employee recognition incentive program that employees will find value in to participate and clearly defined with the reward they find value in to continue participation for the associated milestones they are expected to achieve.

Program Features


– Seamless Experience
– Best of Class Reward Portfolio
– Reward in Real-time
– Incentive Payout Processing
– Integrated Issuance Technology
– Validation and Quality Control
– Dynamic Architecture
– Real-Time Analytics & Reporting
– Eco-System Integration
– PCI & HIPPA Compliant Security
– Agile API

Reward Suggestions

– Brand Name Gift Cards
– Virtual and Physical Visa
– Restricted Health Reward Card
– Merchandise
– Travel
– Experiential
– Digital Rewards
– Sweepstakes Promotions