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There are many different reasons why participants do things. Sometimes they are motivated to act because of internal wishes and desires, and other times, the sheer passion of an external reward. What forces are behind their actions? Do they get up and head to the gym each day because they know it’s good for them, or is it because of some external reward?



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Research Tells a Story

According to one popular theory of human motivation, actions often are inspired by a desire to gain outside reinforcement. This incentive theory is one of the significant methods of motivation and suggests an eagerness for the addition of an incentive is needed to motivate behavior

  • Incentives can get people to stop performing specific actions, but more importantly, can be used to get people to engage in certain behaviors. 
  • The more importance the individual places on the reward, the more influential the incentive becomes.
  • Rewards must be obtainable to be motivating. For example – a participant will not be motivated to reach their sales goals if the sales claiming and validation process is so complicated that it is not realistically achievable.
Other Motivating Factors

Not all incentives are created equal, and the rewards that one participant finds motivating might not be enough to inspire another to act. Important factors can all play a role in motivating participants:

  • Is the program designed to engage those physiological, social, and cognitive requirements?
  • The type of reward is issued:
    • Frequency
    • Value
  • How the reward is delivered