Why You Need Digital Incentives For Your Market Research Program

BY Lucy Fang
Dec 10, 2020
Why You Need Digital Incentives For Your Market Research Program

Digital rewards are a fantastic, bordering on necessary, type of incentive for any rewards program. They are a wonderful fit for market research panelists. Why do digital Visa® prepaid cards, digital gift card rewards, e-code redemptions, and other digital rewards continue to dominate market research programs? Because they meet a vital participant need: immediacy.

Benefits of Digital Incentives:

  • Instantly issued to your panelists
  • Digital can’t be lost in the mail
  • Easy for your participants to use

Participants in your market research recruitment or loyalty program all have one thing in common: None of them want to wait to be rewarded. With merchandise, checks, or bulk Visa® prepaid cards, your market research panelists will have to wait, sometimes for weeks, from the time they redeem their reward to the time they receive it. Digital gift card incentives and Visa® digital cards don’t have that problem.

Think about your demographics. Are digital incentives a good fit for them? If so, look at your options.

To properly offer digital incentives for your market research program, you will need a few things, including the right incentive options, a good market research management system, and reward management software.

There are a lot of options for digital incentives. Besides cash equivalents, some other good options can include subscriptions to streaming services, videos, music, etc. E-gift cards are great, but if you use them, you need to make sure that you have a broad enough selection of brands that are tailored to your participants. Digital Visa® prepaid cards can be a good option if you need something with a broader appeal for your digital incentives marketplace.

Your rewards management software and incentive management system need to be capable of managing your incentive program’s rewards. Whether you are delivering rewards to seven participants or 107,000, you need a market research reward management solution that provides support for your specific needs.

No matter what you need for your market research incentive program, All Digital Rewards has a solution for you! All Digital Rewards offers gift cards from over 300+ popular brands and stores, along with Prepaid digital Visa cards, and a number of other digital rewards. We also offer custom-tailored reward management solutions and technology through our fully customized web-based solution, ResearchSTACK™.

All Digital Rewards’ incentive management platform is a dynamic grouping of well thought out microservices that come together to easily integrated into most existing CRM systems for a seamless single sign-on, or when that is not an option, our RewardSTACK™ application can operate external with minimal engagement break in user experience.

All Digital Rewards knows what you need to make digital rewards part of your incentive program. To learn more about how you can incorporate digital rewards into your market research program or to speak to one of our incentive program experts, call today at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!