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Common Failings With Market Research Reward Programs

Market research rewards are a common way of motivating, recruiting, and retaining panelists. However, there are some common pitfalls that can result in program failures. Here are some to watch out for. Your demographics make a difference in what kind of rewards you will want to offer your panelists. If you’re looking for a niche […]

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The Secret to Market Research Strategy Success

Engaging, recruiting, and motivating your market research panelists and keeping them excited about your surveys is a crucial aspect of your market research strategy! Market research incentive programs are an excellent way to motivate your panelists, boost survey completions, and it is an easy and cost-effective opportunity that every market research company should explore. It’s […]

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Why You Need Digital Incentives For Your Market Research Program

Digital rewards are a fantastic, bordering on necessary, type of incentive for any rewards program. They are a wonderful fit for market research panelists. Why do digital Visa® prepaid cards, digital gift card rewards, e-code redemptions, and other digital rewards continue to dominate market research programs? Because they meet a vital participant need: immediacy. Benefits […]

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Market Research Recruitment Incentive Programs ABCs

Market researchers know that the happiness and engagement of their panelists is key to their success. Keeping your panel recruitment incentive programs fresh and exciting is an integral part of the process of increasing panelist engagement. By including the right rewards and incentives, using top-notch technology, and working with a team of experts, you are […]

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