Why Incentives Are Key To Customer Loyalty

BY Lucy Fang
Feb 21, 2020
Why Incentives Are Key To Customer Loyalty

Customer acquisition programs are a priority for every business. Whether goods or services, without customers, you have no business, and without customer loyalty and retention, your business will lack longevity. It can be difficult to implement loyalty programs to inspire customer loyalty and retention, but it doesn’t have to be. Loyalty programs that reward participants for behaviors and attitudes can build sincere participant advocacy and a sustainable competitive advantage. With the right rewards, technology, and customer incentives, you’ll be well on your way to success. 

Customers thrive on recognition and sharing their experiences. The All Digital Rewards team has found that rewarding those types of customer behaviors delivers a well-rounded, three-dimensional experience. All Digital Rewards understands that customers won’t participate in a program that doesn’t offer sufficient value. According to a recent report from TechnologyAdvice, most US participants (57%) join loyalty programs to receive discounts on products and services. Another reason for customer participation in loyalty programs is to earn benefits, like points that can later be redeemed for rewards incentives such as gift card rewards, physical and virtual visa prepaid cards, and merchandise.

Regardless of how you develop your loyalty incentives rewards program, make sure the loyalty program platform supports the customers’ experience first and foremost. Loyalty programs should be designed to make the customer feel you are reaching out to them personally with rewards that are specifically targeted to them. Choose the right rewards and communicate your intention to continue recognizing and rewarding good participants in the future.

A few key behavior motivators include: 

  • Referral Programs
  • Anniversary Acknowledgements
  • Reward Incentives
  • Social Media Mentions

All Digital Rewards works with you to develop the right loyalty program and rewards to increase engagement among your customers. We tirelessly strive to ensure engagements are happening as often as possible and in as many ways as is possible. We understand that the relationship between your customer and your company needs to be at the forefront of any loyalty program. Each interaction with your customer gives you an opportunity to gain more information about them, to find out about their lifestyles and what they value. We understand that a full-serve incentive, loyalty, and rewards solution will maximize the impact and the relationships that are the driving force behind your business. We carefully research your participant demographics to recognize individual participants and reward them for desired behavior.

It is essential to have a good reward management system and reward management software backing your loyalty program. Partner with a professional incentive agency that understands what it takes to execute a customer incentive program effectively. With the technology and know-how to make your customer incentive program a success, All Digital Rewards has everything you need for your next customer incentive program.

At All Digital Rewards, our expert team can help you design a customer incentive program that is well defined and deployed to your target audience through one of our dynamic, real-time STACK™ SaaS program management solutions. Our programs allow for custom tailoring and branding for your company. If you would like to learn more about creating a successful customer incentive program to drive engagement and attract new customers, contact our incentive program experts by calling 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!