The Right Channel Sales Incentive Management Software & Solutions

BY Lucy Fang
Apr 19, 2019
The Right Channel Sales Incentive Management Software & Solutions

Whether you are looking for a solution to upgrade your channel sales incentive management software or you are setting up a channel sales program for the first time, look no further than All Digital Rewards. We understand the importance of a strong channel sales incentive program and we have the software and solutions to support you.

We support a wide range of channel sales partnership programs including:

  • Referral Partnerships
  • Alliance Partnerships
  • Reseller Partnerships

Referral Partnerships are trusted partners that refer qualified customers to your business, and in return, you pay them a percentage commission on any sales that traffic produces. Engagement is vitally important for referral programs, which is where your incentive program comes in. Whether you are using a direct to individuals program, partner network program, or strategic alliance program, we have solutions that will work for you.

Alliance partners are in related businesses and share customers with your business. This allows all partners involved to spread awareness and sell each partner’s products in exchange for a percentage of the sales revenue. We offer a number of solutions that are specific to the needs of an alliance partnership.

We also have solutions for you reseller partners who purchase goods or services from your business with the intent to resell them. These partners often sell your products, along with additional services that add further value to your customers. With the right incentive solutions, these partnerships can be made even more lucrative.

Each of these partnership types can help drive new customers and revenue growth for your business, each utilizes indirect advocates to make sales, and each provides an impressive return on your marketing investment. Some of the solutions All Digital Rewards offers include channel sales incentive management software, excellent reward management applications, and points-based incentive system management, fulfillment services, and so much more!

At All Digital Rewards, we strive to offer fully customizable solutions for all your channel sales incentive program needs. Enjoy a seamless experience with the right technology and rewards to fit your needs. Our software offers dynamic architecture, eco-system integration, agile API, real-time analytics & reporting, and PCI compliant security.

Our channelSTACK™ SaaS Program Management Software offers you an easy, automated channel sales reward fulfillment solution, which includes our game program management software, GameSTACK™, our reward program management software, RewardSTACK™, reward delivery application, Reward REACH™, and our Reward WIZARD™ API integration. Working with channelSTACK™, you will find that our partner management platform can manage even the most challenging situations you will address when implementing and managing your channel sales incentive initiatives. Additionally, we have an extensive, ever-expanding, selection of incentives rewards, including physical and virtual visas, gift cards (both digital and physical), merchandise, and experiential rewards.

Work with a team that understands that you need an incentive program that is not a one-size-fits-all. Applying our SaaS Partner Relationship Management Platform will simplify even the smallest channel sales overlay promotion. We can connect to your existing system or provide an external solution to meet your needs. To learn more about our channelSTACK™ SaaS Program Management Software call us today at 866-415-7703, or click on the button below to schedule a demo.

All Digital Rewards Has The Right Channel Sales Incentive Management Software & Solutions