Elements to Consider When Comparing Loyalty Service Providers

BY Lucy Fang
Feb 12, 2018
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In today’s current landscape of diverse consumers, numerous brands and ever-evolving marketing channels, creating customer loyalty and finding the right loyalty program provider is every organization’s dream come true. Companies with a quest to achieve these goals look to All Digital Rewards when comparing loyalty service providers to help attract customers and channel partners and to keep them coming back.

As the demand for omni-channel solution providers grows, marketers recognize that loyalty success is tied to differentiating between service providers who offer loyalty tools and strategies that are almost always not available internally. Not all providers can provide a complete solution, one that includes incentive and reward offerings, product APIs, secure cloud-based management and incentive payment technology; supported by advanced analytics, and the ability to scale to an enterprise level if needed. All of which may be important in your quest to acquiring loyalty and brand advocacy in today’s marketing landscape. Make sure to be on the lookout for a provider that’s evolved past providing simple points-based programs or discounts, to building one that understands relationships centered on customer value and engagement. Check to make sure the service provider you are considering can provide a packaged platform that can be configured not just customized. A configurable platform is usually more reasonably priced and can get you up and run faster than the earlier one-off solutions. The supplier you are considering should be able to provide more strategic services, such as an emphasis on relationship management than the “do this, get that” model and predictive and industry-specific analytical models.

It is important to note that when comparing service providers, the more established or largest is not always the best bet. Typically, they lag in technological capabilities, a more modern psychological approach to loyalty strategy and cannot move quickly when market conditions change. Don’t forget to check if they can offer a self-service loyalty technology platform. One that the technology is flexible and responsive – providing costs savings to you in the long run. Can they provide an in-depth vertical experience which is great for manufacturing, automotive and channel sales programs and extensive rewards catalog to meet the needs of a diverse demographic?   

Your short list of suppliers should include All Digital Rewards, a trusted partner and leading technology provider to Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies in the loyalty and engagement marketing space. Our technology solutions embrace an omni-channel approach providing real-time engagement through incentive, reward, and prize programs for loyalty, recruitment, member benefit, employee and point of sale engagement. Tech savvy and ahead of the curve ADR’s digital code delivery, lifestyle, merchandise and cash-based incentives round out a robust product catalog to engage a diverse demographic of millions of end users. ADR is unique in its ability to assist key stakeholders with a B2B2C marketing initiative which includes analytics in support of client strategic growth objectives.

The folks at ADR don’t just support points-based programs; we help our clients build a personal partnership with their customers that can stand the test of time. Supporting our clients means we design and support a cutting-edge loyalty technology solution with all the bells and whistles to help make every program successful. To learn more about an innovative loyalty technology solution for your program, give the experts at All Digital Rewards a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule A Demo” button at the bottom of the page!