Do Prepaid Cards and gift cards Increase Incentive Program Engagement?

BY Lucy Fang
Apr 24, 2020
Do Prepaid Cards and gift cards Increase Incentive Program Engagement?

As an incentive program manager, you want to know what’s going to be most effective in increasing engagement. Whether your program is focused on customer acquisition, employee recognition ideas, sales incentives, direct channel marketing, employee rewards programs, corporate health and wellness, or something else, prepaid cards and both physical and virtual gift cards get results. 

Prepaid Reward Cards such as; physical & virtual visa and brand named gift card rewards are a strong favorite with incentive program participants.  If you need to increase engagement in an employee rewards program, or any other type of program, you should consider using cash-based incentives. Among the benefits that prepaid cards provide are ease of delivery, high user-perceived value, and being nearly universally accepted buy businesses. Incentive programs continue to include them to increase engagement and reward participants. The facts show that there are lots of reasons for you to consider using prepaid cards and gift cards when creating your incentive and promotional strategy.

Facts To Know About Prepaid Cards

  • Ease of Delivery – Reward program managers can deliver rewards in a variety of ways, either digitally or with physical cards allowing users to receive their reward when and how they like it.
  • Universally Accepted – With a VISA prepaid card users are able to use the card practically anywhere to make purchases, both online or in a store, just like a debit or credit card.
  • Perceived Value – A prepaid card is a cash equivalent – easy to store and use. Another wonderful benefit is that prepaid cards limit fraudulent activity.

Gift Cards have so many options for participants: there are thousands of stores that offer gift cards in the US not to mention global options.

Choosing the Right Prepaid Reward Card Provider

When choosing your prepaid reward card provider there are several factors to take into account. Do they have extensive card offerings? Do they let you choose between bulk and batch orders? Do they have both global and US offerings? Are they experts in their field? Are they responsive and invested in your success? What sort of technology do they offer?

Extensive card offerings

When it comes to selecting the kind of rewards card you will offer, there are many options to choose from, such as:

  • Virtual Codes
  • Physical Prepaid Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Egift Cards
  • Bulk and Batch Cards

There are many benefits to both bulk and batch orders. A few benefits of batch ordering are reporting on unique fields, advanced mapping when onboarding new clients, and flexibility when ordering quantity. With bulk ordering, you have the convenience of real-time ordering, single or multi-shipping locations, and flexible order fields. 

Choosing a Reward Program Incentive Provider

In the business climate of this modern world, we tend to think the more popular a company is the better they are. Well in the case of incentive program rewards providers, it’s better to find a happy medium. Not so small that the provider isn’t staying up to date with current trends, but not so big that your business is just another check to deposit in the bank. You want a provider that knows what they are doing and can provide you with the information necessary to keep you well informed along the way.

Choose A Responsive Provider

Communication is key when it comes to selecting the right reward card provider. It is recommended that you find a provider who can connect with you and offers quality customer service


The best incentive providers will have the following technology:

  • Redemption Applications
  • API Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics

Prepaid card products are easy and desirable to use in incentive promotions.  These are some of the reasons they continue to be a leading incentive reward choice. All Digital Rewards has an extensive offering of prepaid reward products, such as; custom branded prepaid reward cards, VISA physical and Virtual Reward Cards, top name brand gift cards, merchandise, digital rewards and travel for incentive and reward programs that can meet your company’s stakeholders incentive payout goals when searching for a prepaid reward card provider. Give the prepaid card experts a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!