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Do Prepaid Cards and gift cards Increase Incentive Program Engagement?

As an incentive program manager, you want to know what’s going to be most effective in increasing engagement. Whether your program is focused on customer acquisition, employee recognition ideas, sales incentives, direct channel marketing, employee rewards programs, corporate health and wellness, or something else, prepaid cards and both physical and virtual gift cards get results.  Prepaid Reward Cards such as; physical & virtual visa and brand named gift card rewards are a strong favorite with incentive program participants.  If you need to increase engagement in an employee rewards program, or any other type of program, you should consider using cash-based incentives. Among the benefits that prepaid cards provide are ease of delivery, high user-perceived value, and being nearly universally accepted buy businesses. Incentive programs continue to include them to increase engagement and reward participants. The facts show that there are lots of reasons for you to consider using prepaid cards and gift cards when creating your incentive and promotional strategy. Ease of Delivery – Reward program managers can deliver rewards in a variety of ways, either digitally or with physical cards allowing users to receive their reward when and how they like it. Universally Accepted – With a VISA prepaid […]

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