Can You Really Earn Customer Loyalty Online

BY Lucy Fang
Jul 08, 2015

Gaining customer loyalty can benefit your company immensely. People have always referred good companies but, customers nowadays share their stories more often on social media than ever before! Stories can go viral and some companies have experienced the downside of that. Having a good rapport with your customers is vital to your company’s success. But, where do you begin? Read these tips to help gain a loyal customer fan base.

Focus on the first Impression. The first impression can come from so many directions whether it be the website, social media sites, or in person! Make sure all of your sources for contact are helpful and welcoming. Once you have made the first contact, be sure to follow up. An email saying, “Hey, it was great to meet you hope we can help you again,” can go far for your company’s customer service.

Another tip is to offer ‘Round the clock’ Customer service. Yes, this does mean 24/7. Customers are all about customer service. If it is not available -there will be complaints. Not only will this gain you more customers by being available 24/7 but, it will also show the public that you are willing to help no matter what time of day.

To gain customer loyalty try offering a reward for a customer action. These actions could be ‘share’ this on social media, comment below, or even BOGO and coupon offers. Offering rewards (specifically digital rewards) gives your customers an incentive to purchase or participate in your campaign. Digital rewards are easy to use on both the producer and consumer end.

78% of people show loyalty by spreading the word. You’ve got to give a little to gain a lot. Customers will show loyalty to a company who shows concern. Offer those rewards for purchasing, gain the upper hand with a positive first impression, and have a rockin’ round the clock customer service. These tools will benefit your company and skyrocket your sales.

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