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Tools to Build Loyalty: The ABCs of a Good Loyalty Program

Businesses lose 50 percent of their customers roughly every five years according to the Harvard Business Review. 38% of marketers say their biggest 2015 challenge was improving customer acquisition and retention (TeraData). Companies know they are having trouble retaining their customers. So how can we fix it? That’s where All Digital Rewards comes into play. […]

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Customer Loyalty – Royal Equals Loyal

Your participants (customers, end users, members, consumers, or respondents) are looking for perks—an extra benefit for staying with you. Put simply, your participants’ benefits can make all the difference in the success of your organization. If you want to acquire, retain and engage your participants, you must offer value-added benefits that are relevant.  You need […]

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Can You Really Earn Customer Loyalty Online

Gaining customer loyalty can benefit your company immensely. People have always referred good companies but, customers nowadays share their stories more often on social media than ever before! Stories can go viral and some companies have experienced the downside of that. Having a good rapport with your customers is vital to your company’s success. But, […]

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