How To Use Digital Rewards To Create A Successful Business

Customer Engagement, Digital Rewards, Loyalty


The world is going digital. Everywhere you look there seems to be someone Googling something, searching for directions, or posting a tweet. Businesses are following suit and going digital as well. This not only means putting their information online but also, offering digital rewards. Digital rewards are incentives to increase engagement with the audience. Digital rewards offer flexible programs, they are easy to use, and they reach a unique audience.

Digital rewards range from a series of gamification tactics such as truth or lie, sweepstakes, or even working towards a goal. These tools are designed to motivate consumers to fulfill an action or to complete their tasks. Once a task is complete, the user gets their reward. It’s quite simple and it actually works.

Rewards can range from gift cards to cash to a trip to the beach. Possibilities for rewards are endless and they work when it comes to getting your audience involved. What can your company offer?

Make sure you have offers available on every page to maximize coverage to your consumer. Constantly follow your audience with offers to engage their maximum potential. Pop-ups, landing pages, and unique content will catch your audience’s eye. Include a call-to-action to make the audience feel like they are taking part in something bigger. Be sure to not seem spammy with overly enthusiastic messages or sending them emails over and over again.

Using digital rewards increases engagement simply because it is fun and the rewards give the audience enough incentive to participate. By motivating the audience you are engaging them to do a task for you that will branch your company such as, ‘share’ a picture or complete a survey. In return, you give the consumer a reward.

Digital rewards maximize retention. If people know there is a chance to win- they will play. It’s truly that simple. Customers return to the websites and the companies for another opportunity to play and they refer to their friends.

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