Best sales incentive plans Rewards 2020

BY Lucy Fang
Feb 07, 2020
2020 channel sales

How do you go about executing super engaging sales incentive plans? By choosing the right rewards! There are several components to getting the best sales incentive plans rewards. You need to find out what rewards will motivate your sales force, you should have the right reward program technology, and work with channel partner incentive vendors.

Incentives Rewards

In order to help motivate and inspire your sales incentive program participants and encourage them to succeed, the incentive rewards offered should have high perceived value and be tailored to your participants’ demographics. Some of the most popular choices include gift cards, prepaid cards, and incorporating sweepstakes and instant win games. 

Gift Card Rewards

Gift card rewards’ benefits are well-known. Gift cards are often a superior choice for budget-conscious participants, as they allow them to use their gift card rewards for things they might not normally spend their money on. The gift cards your sales force members earn from your rewards programs can be redeemed at thousands of online and in-store retailers. Additionally, the perceived value of those gift card rewards is often even higher than the perceived value of cash rewards.  A consumer’s use of gift cards may encourage them to buy things to spoil themselves — items they would never have purchased had they not used their gift card to buy those goods.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Visa virtual and physical cards are similar to gift cards, but with more versatility. Both physical and virtual Visa cards can be used most anywhere that accepts Visa, giving your participants lots of options. A visa prepaid card provider will be able to offer you custom branded prepaid cards. 

Instant Win Games And Sweepstakes

Instant win games and sweepstakes are incredibly powerful tools in your channel sales incentive program toolbox and can have a major impact on your sales incentive plan’s success. With the right instant win game technology to manage the games and gather data, it’s very easy to engage sales incentive program participants. With high-quality instant win game and sweepstake technology, you’ll be able to monitor your sales incentive program’s participants and make adjustments as needed based on real-time access to data information. 

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