Why Choose Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards For Your Incentive Programs

BY Lucy Fang
Aug 21, 2020
Why Choose Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards For Your Incentive Programs

Gift cards, virtual gift cards, and prepaid reward MasterCard or Visa card virtual and physical rewards are always popular. All Digital Rewards is proud to offer a wide range of gift card and prepaid card options. Whether you’re looking for employee recognition ideas for sales incentive compensation, adding new options to an existing employee rewards programs, customer acquisition programs, or as part of your channel marketing strategy, we have options for you. 

 For physical options, you can order bulk gift cards, mail individual gift cards and prepaid cards to incentive program participants. Virtual visa prepaid cards and virtual gift cards are emailed to recipients immediately through the All Digital Rewards instant redemption process. The end-user, within minutes, will have their reward and can activate it online or by phone to use immediately.

The effectiveness of your gift cards or prepaid card incentives depends on the perceived value viewed by your participants. Virtual rewards, like egift cards and virtual prepaid cards, are some of the most popular, especially now.

Primary Benefits of Virtual Incentives:

  • Instantly issued for instant use by participants
  • Can’t be lost in the mail
  • Immediate delivery
  • Easy of use for your participants
  • No production cost

Virtual incentive rewards such as virtual visa prepaid card rewards are an excellent choice for any incentive program as they are viewed as a cash equivalent by incentive program participants. Gift card incentives, whether virtual or physical, are another popular choice. Gift cards have many of the same benefits as prepaid cards and are often viewed as windfalls, which allow participants to use them on themselves instead of feeling like they need to be responsible with their spending. People view gift card incentives like cash. They’re irresistible and can be used by anyone. Gift cards help build trust with your incentive program participants through brand recognition. Some of the top gift card brands incentive program participants love to claim are Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Sephora, and Chipotle.

Your program can use either virtual or physical gift cards in your incentive program. Virtual gift cards have the added benefit of instant redemption. We are living in a world that values instant gratification.

Gift cards can be used for a variety of different types of incentive programs such as Channel Strategy programs, health and wellness programs, sweepstakes, employee recognition, market research, and points-based programs. If implemented correctly, gift card incentives can help drive up your incentive program ROI. All Digital Rewards can help you select the right gift card and e-gift card products to reach your organization’s incentive objectives best. This will help encourage the behavior of your participants to achieve the results you want at a cost you can afford.

All Digital Rewards offers gift cards from over 300+ popular brands and stores. Your incentive program participants can use these gift cards to get a new summer wardrobe, pick up a new smart home gadget, or to get their morning coffee from Starbucks.

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