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4 Ways to Measure Your Workforce Engagement

In the wake of the great resignation and the trend of quiet quitting, companies everywhere are fighting to find ways to acquire, obtain, and motivate top talent. All of these goals are supported by an engaged workforce. The question is, how engaged is your workforce? Let’s go over some metrics and questions you can ask […]

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Why Choose Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards For Your Incentive Programs

Gift cards, virtual gift cards, and prepaid reward MasterCard or Visa card virtual and physical rewards are always popular. All Digital Rewards is proud to offer a wide range of gift card and prepaid card options. Whether you’re looking for employee recognition ideas for sales incentive compensation, adding new options to an existing employee rewards […]

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Incentives In a Changing World

The world is changing, and with it, the way we conduct business is changing as well. Companies are seeking new methods of customer acquisition. Employee recognition ideas are a high priority. Sales incentives are becoming more common as part of channel marketing strategy. Virtual incentive options are being sought out.  You can spend thousands on […]

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Review Employee Engagement Solutions

There is no better time than now to review your employee engagement program. A recent Forbes article highlighted the importance of employee engagement. Higher levels of employee engagement are key to your organization’s success.  A 2013 report on the state of the American workforce, conducted by Gallup, showed that businesses with high levels of engaged […]

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Digital Rewards For Employee Recognition

As more and more people are working from home, companies are looking for employee recognition ideas and ways to motivate their employees. Employee recognition and engagement is essential to the morale of a company. Employee rewards programs are excellent for employee recognition and with the right employee rewards program, you can see higher levels of […]

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