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Why your channel strategy should include introducing new incentive technology

Whether you’re starting your first channel sales incentive program, or your company has been using an incentive program for years, choosing the right technology is essential to your success. Does your current incentive management software adequately support your channel marketing strategy? Does it have enough incentives for sales team members to choose from such as gift card rewards, merchandise, and virtual rewards? How ell does it handle security issues? Is the user interface clunky or overly complicated? Are you paying too much? It may be time to consider upgrading your channel partner incentive program technology. Your incentive program channel sales management technology is the core of your incentive program. If the foundation isn’t good, the whole thing will have problems. The right choice of technology can lead to success, high ROI, and greater channel partner engagement and satisfaction. The wrong technology can turn your incentive program into a giant money pit, swallowing up your cash and productivity. When you pick the wrong incentive technology, your only return on investment will be stress. How do you pick the best technology for your organization when comparing different incentive program technology providers? There are many things you can do to make sure you’re […]

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Why Choose Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards For Your Incentive Programs

Gift cards, virtual gift cards, and prepaid reward MasterCard or Visa card virtual and physical rewards are always popular. All Digital Rewards is proud to offer a wide range of gift card and prepaid card options. Whether you’re looking for employee recognition ideas for sales incentive compensation, adding new options to an existing employee rewards programs, customer acquisition programs, or as part of your channel marketing strategy, we have options for you.   For physical options, you can order bulk gift cards, mail individual gift cards and prepaid cards to incentive program participants. Virtual visa prepaid cards and virtual gift cards are emailed to recipients immediately through the All Digital Rewards instant redemption process. The end-user, within minutes, will have their reward and can activate it online or by phone to use immediately. The effectiveness of your gift cards or prepaid card incentives depends on the perceived value viewed by your participants. Virtual rewards, like egift cards and virtual prepaid cards, are some of the most popular, especially now. Primary Benefits of Virtual Incentives: Instantly issued for instant use by participants Can’t be lost in the mail Immediate delivery Easy of use for your participants No production cost Virtual incentive rewards […]

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