Use These Cash-Based Incentives to Wow Your Market Research Panel

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 04, 2020
Use These Cash-Based Incentives to Wow Your Market Research Pannel

One of the main staples for motivating your market research panelists are quality Market research incentive programs. Incentive programs are used to maximize response rates from market research panel participants, improve recruiting, increase motivation, and create a positive culture. If you choose the right rewards and incentives it will ensure that your panelists will have an amazing experience with your market research program. 

Here at All Digital Rewards, our case studies have shown outstanding returns on investment for companies that have chosen incentives that are the right fit for their market research panel incentive programs. Cash Equivalent Survey Incentives for market research participants are a popular choice among companies and their program participants. Panelists adore cash-equivalent and cash-based incentives. These can include physical and virtual gift cards, Visa® prepaid cards, checks, and so much more.

Using digital cash-equivalent incentives allows you to save both money and time. Your participants can receive their rewards instantly, and you don’t have to take the time, effort, or cost of mailing out individual checks to your participants. All Digital Rewards has an extensive catalog of digital reward offerings, to include name brand gift cards to your participants’ favorite stores. 

Cash-based incentives can also be blended with merchandise incentives. Blended incentive marketplaces on average perform better than programs that focus on only one or the other. This will also give your participants more incentive options to choose from. 

It has been proven over and over again that incentive program participants are more motivated by being given the chance to self-select their rewards. Our team at All Digital Rewards can set you up with a redemption site that will give your market panel respondents the ability to easily choose between different cash-based incentives. We can include merchandise, or experiential rewards as well to create a custom experience, specific to your participant demographics. Whether it’s for survey completions, design and usability research, interviews, or focus groups we have the rewards that are right for your market research incentive program that will allow you to avoid complaints from unhappy panelists and stick to your organization’s budget.

You need a management system that removes the guesswork from market research incentive programs. All Digital Rewards’ market research incentive program management technology, ResearchSTACK™, makes it easy for you to deliver rewards and track program metrics.  ResearchSTACK™ is a panel engagement reward management platform utilizing ADR’s various microservices that provide PCI level security, single-point integration, scalable proofing systems, complex event processing, reporting, and analytics. We can create a redemption system for you, or we have integration options for your existing system. With our Reward WIZARD API, we can provide a single point of integration to your existing system asset that connects directly to our extensive incentive offerings.

All Digital Rewards is an exceptional reward provider and incentive management company. We the technology, incentive management software, rewards and incentives, support services, and know-how to increase the ROI of your next market research panel incentive program. All Digital Rewards’ fully customized web-based solution, ResearchSTACK™, is designed to support your market research initiatives. To speak to one of our market research incentive program experts call 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!