Studies Show the Solution to Raising Performance and Productivity

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 02, 2020
Studies Show the Solution to Raising Performance and Productivity

Incentives have long been recognized as one of the most effective ways to motivate others. The importance of incentives is known internationally. A research paper by Calista Lai of the Jyväskylä University of Finland explores the benefits of incentives. 

 When it comes to channel sales teams, employees, or anyone else, the equation for productivity is:

Ability + Motivation = Productivity

According to  Calista Lai’s research, the difference between Incentives and rewards is as follows:

“An incentive is defined as something that triggers a particular course of action, a reward is given following a desired behavior to increase the probability that the behavior will be repeated.”

Ideally, rewards and incentives are used together, both to encourage desirable behavior, and to reward positive action. 

There are three categories that rewards/incentives fall into:

  • Monetary
  • Tangible non-monetary
  • Intangible non-monetary

Examples of monetary incentives could include stock options, bonuses, paid time off, etc. Tangible non-monetary incentives include Visa Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, merchandise, experiential rewards, etc. Intangible non-monetary rewards typically take the form of social recognition. 

A study in Performance Improvement Quarterly found that incentives can improve performance by as much as 44% and increase productivity by 27%.

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