Top Instant Issue Gift Card Rewards

BY Lucy Fang
Apr 17, 2021
top instant issue gift cards

Gift card rewards can attract and engage market research panelists, customers, channel partners, and employees. They increase brand awareness, motivate sales teams, help retain panelists, and so much more.

People engage with gift card rewards in a similar way to how they interact with cash. They’re incredibly appealing and can be used by anyone. Gift cards help build trust with your reward program participants through brand recognition. Some of the top gift card brands reward program participants love to claim are: Walmart, Starbucks, Sephora, Amazon, Target, and Chipotle.

You can use either virtual or physical gift cards in your reward program. Virtual gift cards work as instant issue gift cards, which have the added benefit of immediate redemption. This increases their effectiveness with your end-users, as it gives them an extra level of satisfaction.

If implemented correctly, gift card rewards can help drive up your reward program ROI. Gift cards can be used for a range of different types of rewards programs such as channel sales, health and wellness programs, sweepstakes, employee recognition, market research, and points-based programs. All Digital Rewards can help you select the right gift card and e-gift card products to reach your organization’s reward objectives best. This will help encourage the behavior of your participants to achieve the results you want at a cost you can afford.

All Digital Rewards offers gift cards from over 300+ popular brands and stores. Your reward program participants can use these gift cards to get a new summer wardrobe, pick up a new smart home gadget, or to get their morning coffee from Starbucks.

All Digital Rewards’ talented reward specialists are skilled in choosing the right gift card rewards for every reward program and audience to guarantee measurable results. We’ll turn your reward program into a powerful tool for increasing ROI and performance. Our flexible management technology, RewardSTACK™ gives you the foundation for a successful reward program. If your reward program needs a seamless user experience and integration with an existing CRM, our reward API, Reward WIZARD™, will give you access to an incredibly responsive end-to-end complete technology solution.

Let the team at All Digital Rewards guide you through the process of selecting the right instant issue gift card and physical gift card products to best fit your reward program needs. For more information on our gift card offerings and services or on how our STACK™ SaaS platform applications can benefit your reward program initiatives, call 866-415-7703 now or click on the button below to schedule a demo.