Introducing the Ezepic™ Rewards Program

BY Lucy Fang
Nov 13, 2018
Introducing the Ezepic™ Rewards Program

Companies and organizations use incentive programs for a variety of promotional and employee recognition purposes.  In most cases, incentives play a contributing factor in determining the success of channel partner, sales, loyalty, consumer,  health and wellness promotional programs. Incentive programs increase participant engagement and yield significant results for the sponsoring organization. As reward programs have evolved, so has the technology that supports them.  

All Digital Rewards is excited to introduce our new Ezepic ™ Reward card. The creation of the  Ezepic™ Reward card is to help program managers reduce costs and streamline efforts managing their Incentive program and meet evolving consumer and participant engagement appetites.  Adding an Ezepic Reward into your incentive mix eliminates the need for inventory management helps minimizes risks on purchasing incentives that for whatever reason is not attractive to your participants. Its purpose is to lower costs while at the same time allowing program managers the ability to easily customize incentive offerings and can be branded to fit your organization’s needs.

The Premiere Ezepic™ Reward offering revolves around rewarding participants retail gift cards instantly, or in bulk through automatically awarding recipients through RewardWIZARD™ API providing instant impact.  Gift cards are proven to deliver results and our proprietary reward management solution provides easy tracking, for real-time reporting, accounting and customer support.

Program managers are not just limited to our retail gift card offering (which can be a customize selection).  At All Digital Rewards, we are able to add or remove merchandise, digital rewards, experiential, non-profit donations and prepaid cards for Instant, relevant, and desirable rewards have proven to be effective in increasing desired behavior outcomes encouraging them to become advocates of your program and organization.  Ezepic™ Reward Card will keep your Dealers, employees, and customers satisfied and engaged.

Rewards programs continue to be an effective way to increase employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. Your company can use a rewards program to gather feedback, increase employee engagement, and recognize employee accomplishments. Our Ezepic™ Reward Card can be used to help create the positive workplace culture you are shaping for your company.

As companies continue to implement health and wellness programs, incentive programs are being utilized to increase the effectiveness of these programs. An effective health and wellness program leads to an increase in healthy habits in employees and a decrease in corporate spending on health care. Our  Ezepic™ Card can help you implement a health and wellness incentive program to reward your employees for completing health and wellness based activities.

One of the greatest benefits of our Ezepic™ Card is that it gives your participant the power of choice. Based on a concept of self-selection they can choose to redeem for the reward of their choice without an organization carrying costly inventory and only paying for the items redeemed through the API.  With Ezepic™, you are leveraging the power of our RewardSTACK™ program management SaaS and Reward WIZARD™ API, which provides you with a flexible reward solution and the support necessary to make your rewards program a success.

All Digital Rewards is committed to creating a custom tailored program that will perfectly fit your company’s incentive program needs. Our Ezepic™ Reward Card, and our points-based platform technology can be fully branded and personalized for your company.  ADR’s products and services allow you to quickly and effectively reward participants online and off. The experts at ADR can help you create the ideal incentive program for your company. Give our Ezepic™ Reward Card experts a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!