How To Increase Sales Through Sales Incentive Programs

Sales incentive programs have consistently proven effective in influencing employees to put forth maximum marketing and sales efforts for their companies. With the number of different types of sales incentive plans available to use with your employees, there has never been a better time to start implementing your custom-tailored sales incentive program. Properly implemented, a sales incentive program can increase your company’s sales by nearly 30 percent.

Although the benefits of a sales incentives program are obvious, it can be challenging to choose the right sales incentive program to motivate your team. Your incentive program needs to fit within your organization’s budget and not incur extra costs that would cancel out any benefits you might get from your sales incentive plan. At the same time, you need a sales incentive program that will be exciting and engaging enough to motivate your sales force and guide them in the direction you want them to go.

There are a number of different options you could go with for your sales incentive program. Giving your employees the opportunity to earn entries in sweepstakes, Instant Win Games, and contests are popular choices for many sales incentive plans. You could also implement a points-based incentive system, which allows employees to earn points for completing desired behaviors. Those points can then be spent in a rewards marketplace.

Regardless of the program type selected, it is essential to choose the right incentive company who is well versed in highly responsive incentive programs, the incentives, and rewards desired by today’s diverse audiences, and the advanced technologies necessary to effectively support your sales incentive program.

It is important to choose an incentive provider who can offer a varied and extensive rewards mix. Today’s worker has a wide range of interests and desires. Consider including
Digital rewards, prepaid cards, physical merchandise, and experiential rewards in your sales incentive program.  Keep in mind that choosing the right reward mix that fits your demographics is an art. A quality incentive provider will be able to make rewards recommendations that will fit both your budget and your demographics.

With the right incentive provider on your side, your sales incentive program can take your sales force to the next level. At All Digital Rewards, we will not only help you design the ideal program to fit your company’s needs, we will also help you develop the right Reward Management System as well. ADR’s reward management modules, SaaS with STACK™ can handle most any sales incentive program initiative, which frees your company up to do what you do best: sale and serving your customers.

All Digital Rewards’ proprietary SaaS solutions, ChannelSTACK™, LoyaltySTACK™, and RewardSTACK™ provide our clients with a turnkey reward management software solution that will support your sales overlay promotions, incentive reward deployment or a full scaled points-based loyalty program where you can have all the modules are rolled up into one dynamic platform.

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