Health and Wellness Points-Based Platform Technology

BY Lucy Fang
Oct 03, 2018

In today’s evolving digital world, it is critical to ensure that you are utilizing the most effective and up-to-date technology to optimize your health and wellness program. One of the most effective ways to ensure this is to use a points-based reward management system as part of your health and wellness incentive program.

Points-based programs are widely utilized both in company loyalty programs and health and wellness programs. Participants are very familiar with these sorts of programs, with an average US household participating in up to eighteen programs at a time. This makes it easier to encourage engagement in health and wellness points-based platform technology, as participants are already familiar with the technology. Participants enjoy earning points in health and wellness incentive programs they can spend on a variety of rewards offered by the program.

At All Digital Rewards, our health and wellness points-based platform technology allows for easy access to rewards and incentives, such as prepaid debit cards, gift cards, travel, top brand merchandise and digital rewards – All of which can be shipped or delivered online.  Additionally, our system includes a secure environment reducing user fraud and an interface for your administrative staff.

As a points-based platform technology provider, we pride ourselves in offering relevant solutions to fit every company’s needs.  Our health and wellness points based platform technology allows us to tailor a rewards program to precisely fit your company’s requirements. Our points-based programs, which are customizable to your specifications, feature hosted reward sites, tiered capability games, overlays, single sign integration, an online rewards catalog, reward management and fulfillment, a client administrative dashboard, email communications and tools, permission-based administrative tools, customer service and direct mail, and, of course, reporting and analytics. Our technology designed to be highly accessible, efficient, and user-friendly. Our reward program management software solutions, SaaS with STACK®,  utilize various microservices that provide single point integration, PCI level security, complex event processing, scalable proofing systems, and reporting & analytics.

All Digital Rewards health and wellness program management software allows the setup of customized tiers of access as well as rules and parameters that are associated with each tier. Members can earn base points each time they complete the required health and wellness actions, with the option of custom bonuses, referrals, exchanges, and promotional schemes that can be chosen by your company. Additionally,  the platform features the ability to control point expiration, a point-calculation engine, redemption capabilities, integration with multiple databases and advanced layers of security. The ADR solution also includes ADR’s Contact Center Module, which enables you to have direct communication with your program participants, providing cost-effective account management and simplifying service processes.

ADR wants to partner with you from beginning to end. When it comes to health and wellness points based platform technology companies, you won’t find a better choice. Our health and wellness experts are standing by to answer all your questions about our health and wellness points-based platform technology solutions. We offer some fantastic options, such as our Healthy Choice Rewards, Live Well™ Debit Reward Card, and our robust Health and Wellness points-based platform technology, all of which can be fully branded and personalized for your company.  Take the next step for your company’s health and wellness incentive program and give our Health and Wellness Reward Program experts a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!