Gamification Effects on Engagement

BY Lucy Fang
Mar 13, 2021
Gamification Effects on Engagement

Gamification & Engagement

From consumer loyalty programs, to B2B channel partner programs, to company health and wellness programs, everyone is looking for ways to increase engagement. Most people know that having the right reward offerings and robust incentive management technology is important, but there’s another lesser-known element that can help increase your incentive program’s engagement: Gamification.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is an online marketing technique that takes qualities of games (point scoring, competition, rules of play) and applies them to a company’s product or service – in this case, an incentive program. Examples of Gamification in an incentive program can include:

  • Games – A promotion where winning game pieces are randomly seeded into the universe of common and/or losing game pieces.
    • Collect & Win – Promotion requires participants to save game pieces to complete a phrase, picture, or puzzle.
    • Match & Win – Promotion requires players to match a symbol on their game piece to the winning symbol on displays.
    • Instant Win – A self-contained random chance promotion.  Includes scratch off, peel off, scan and win games, online and 800 number call-in games.  Instant win games provide instant gratification.
  • Sweepstakes – a promotion in which the winners are selected by chance.
    • Random Drawings – Consumer enters via entry form, 3” x 5” card, online or 800 number.  A drawing is held at a later date to select winners.  This type of sweepstakes generates repeat responses.
    • Automatic Entry – Coupons, rebate submissions, and loyalty card purchases double as a sweepstakes entry.  This generates repeat response and maximizes the total number of entries received.
    • Programmed Learning – A promotion technique that requires participants to read something and provide key copy points or information in order to enter the sweepstakes. This type of promotion stimulates involvement.
    • Qualified Entry – This type of sweepstakes is similar to programmed learning. Participants guess an answer from clues or try to solve a puzzle. This solicits motivated participants.

Why Use Gamification?

Gamification taps into the natural human desires of status, achievement, and competition. Instant win game applications can be fun and engaging like a Plinko game or mobile phone scratch-offs and spin to win games, generating excitement among your participants. Sweepstakes are great at increasing retention, increasing spend off in points-based programs, and increasing overall engagement. 

Benefits of Gamification:

  • Engage Low Point Earners
  • Engage Hard to Reach Demographics
  • Reward Certain Behaviors
  • Reduce Point-Based Liability
  • Create Daily Site Traffic
  • Generate Sales Leads and Email Opt-ins
  • Increases Brand Engagement

How to Get Started With Gamification?

All Digital Rewards (ADR) is proud to offer the know-how, technology and rewards you need for gamification success. By having a built-in games management system, the flexibility of starting up new games and promotions is simple as well as effective. We offer a full scope of services including concept design, co-branding, legal terms, set up, and administration, along with helping you determine which game solution will work best for you. 

All Digital Rewards offers: 

  • Online and Offline Solutions
  • API Integration
  • Prizes and Fulfillment
  • Legal and Administration Services
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Support Services
  • Promotion Technology

For more information on promotions, reward products, and services, Reward catalog API, prepaid and gift card options, and our proprietary SaaS STACK™ promotion technology applications, call us at 866-415-7703 now or click on the button below to schedule a demo.