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Tag: B2b2c

Gamification Effects on Engagement

From consumer loyalty programs, to B2B channel partner programs, to company health and wellness programs, everyone is looking for ways to increase engagement. Most people know that having the right reward offerings and robust incentive management technology is important, but there’s another lesser-known element that can help increase your incentive program’s engagement: Gamification. Gamification is […]

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Incentive programs are driving the success of B2B2C businesses. B2B2C incentives are engaging business channel partners creating strong relationships between partners. According to statistics in a study from the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), businesses that used a non-cash channel rewards program showed a 32% increase in total revenue and a 30% increase in market share. […]

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B2B2C Strategy for Channel Partner Incentive Programs

Channel partner relationships are essential for b2b2c business success. Building strong relationships that will motivate your channel sales team takes the right b2b2c strategy and sales team incentives. Incentives and rewards for sales personnel have been a cornerstone of successful B2b2c company motivation strategies. With the right incentive solutions and support structure, your channel sales […]

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