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How to Earn Customers Back After a Poor Experience

Poor customer experiences (CX) are detrimental to a company’s reputation and sales. There is hope thanks to a new customer experience survey from the SDL. This study consisted of a survey of 2,784 consumers across nine countries and three generations, asking them about their most major CX failure in the last 10 years. In the […]

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How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Gamification

Gamification is taking off in the digital world. Gamification is an online marketing technique that takes qualities of games (point scoring, competition, rules of play) and applies them to a company’s product or service. By gamifying your company, you are creating content for your audience to engage in by earning points, unlocking levels, or showing […]

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Cash: Do You Really Need It? We Can Help You Decide

Do you remember that special birthday where you were given some cash inside a card you never read?  Do you really remember who gave it to you?  Would it be a fair guess that you would rather have had something other than THAT?  Something where you knew they were thinking of you or at least […]

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