How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Gamification

BY Lucy Fang
May 21, 2015

Gamification is taking off in the digital world. Gamification is an online marketing technique that takes qualities of games (point scoring, competition, rules of play) and applies them to a company’s product or service. By gamifying your company, you are creating content for your audience to engage in by earning points, unlocking levels, or showing progress bars. 90% of Americans own a mobile device, 67% are on social networks, and 52% play games on their mobile device, computer, and or tablet. Consumers are always online, accessible any time, any way (phone, computer, tablet), and anywhere. With the help of social networking sites, it is easier than ever to share messages with a mass audience.

Games are an effective way to engage your audience because it focuses their minds to a task in front of them. Gamification taps into the natural human desires of status, achievement, and competition. A recent example of gamification is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This challenge used the truth or dare tactic, you either uploaded a video dumping a bucket of ice on your head, or you donated to the charity.

Because the benefits were going to a cause, a social stigma arose if nominated participants chose not to upload a video. This is a perfect example of gamification because those people who chose not to participate suffered a consequence and the participants who did upload a video received the satisfaction of completing the “dare”.

Sweepstakes are another example of gamification.  Sweepstakes is a  horse race tactic. This is a promotional drawing where the prizes have no cost for the participants but a possible high reward. All it takes is to enter is the participant’s name and email address, this gives marketers the critical information to nurture a lead.

There are hundreds of gamification tactics to lure consumers into learning about your products and services. Gamification can be used with a multitude of different rewards such as giving the audience virtual currency, having them unlock levels, receive badges, gifting points, showing a progress bar, or by hosting challenges between users.

This new digital age has online access nearly 100% of the time thanks to mobile devices, computers, and tablets. Gamification plays with basic human desires, needs, and impulses of status and competition.  By using gamification with a variety of different tactics, your company will attract, hook, and sell to a broader audience.  So, offer new games and rewards for your audience. In turn, they will pass on your game, your company, and your products and services.

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