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Coupon & Rebate Programs

Coupons and rebate incentives are certificates or digital codes that entitle customers to cash discounts on future purchases of goods and services or a reimbursement on a current purchase. This type of incentive program almost always has an expiration date.

Rebate and coupon marketing programs can be an effective way to market to your audience.  When it comes to rebates, an effective campaign must be balanced because today’s consumers are smarter than ever. They understand the internet and know how to find the best deals and the deepest discounts. That’s why they generally prefer rebates — also known in many industries as validated rewards — that offer lower in-market prices than instant discounts or coupons do.

At All Digital Rewards, we are a leading single-source rebate fulfillment provider that includes pricing strategy, promotion management, rebate processing, rules-based validation, reward fulfillment, and CRM to manage the complete process.

Whether you are looking for a traditional mail-in rebate provider or a paperless solution that can integrate into your point-of-sale and loyalty program, we can simplify your rebate or validated reward program management.

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