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Sweepstakes are great at generating engagement and new leads. All Digital Rewards (ADR) guides many businesses to use sweepstakes to increase retention, increase spend off, and increase overall engagement. Regardless of your goals, not all sweepstakes will work the way you want them to. That’s why you need us.


– Online and Offline Promotions
– Legal and Administration Services
– Prizes and Fulfillment
– Analytics and Reporting
– Instant Win

Whether you need a turnkey online contest or a full-service custom sweepstakes solution we offer solutions to meet your off or online promotion goals.

We help businesses use sweepstakes effectively. Our experience allows ADR to share our knowledge to make your sweepstakes successful whether it be simple sweepstakes for a small business or high-value sweepstakes for a national company.

  • Lead Generation
  • Extend the lifecycle of your end-user
  • Spend off virtual liability
  • Keep members engaged
  • Re-engage lost clients