Instant Win Games

Gamification with Instant Gratification

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Instant Win Games

Take your organization productivity to the next level! Instant win games are extremely successful in getting new businesses to visit your site, come to your store, give you more information and data, and even increase employee recruitment and sales. The engagements can be fun and exciting like a Plinko game or mobile phone scratch off and spin to win games where the end user experiences instant gratification. Or the games can be over a period of time helping to deepen the client engagement.  The success of these games has always led to more games more often and more fun looking at the bottom line.

All Digital Rewards will work with you to set up very cost effective, real solutions that generate a lot of ROI.


  • Take action now
  • Foot traffic or click action results
  • Viral opportunities
  • High engagement levels
  • Very high return rates

Better Solutions, Not Bigger Solutions

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