Use Digital Rewards for Your Channel Incentive Programs

BY Lucy Fang
May 24, 2019
Use Digital Rewards for Your Channel Incentive Programs

When creating an incentive program, the reward mix is a crucial element in your channel sales incentive program’s success. What rewards will you offer? What will appeal to your participants? Do you need a full marketplace of rewards or just a limited number of selections? Do you use physical or digital rewards? The best sales incentive plans will choose the right rewards for their participants.

There is a strong argument to be made for including digital rewards and incentives in your channel sale incentive programs. Digital incentives boast a lot of benefits over their physical counterparts and can fit a wide range of incentive programs. Adding digital incentives into your reward mix may give your program the boost you’ve been looking for.

Now, let’s talk about what digital incentives are and why channel partner incentive providers encourage them. Digital rewards can include electronic gift card incentives for top-rated brands (Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.), virtual visa prepaid cards, audiobook or video service subscriptions or credits (Fandango, audible, etc.) and so much more. Digital rewards can be used almost immediately and provide instant gratification to your participants, which is why they are encouraged by prize incentive suppliers. No one really wants to wait two weeks to get their reward. We want things when we win them.

Using checks, bulky merchandise or any other reward you have to mail to your participants can cause impatience and can keep your incentives from adequately motivating your participants. However, using a digital reward, such as All Digital Rewards’ virtual prepaid card is a lot faster and easier for everyone. The process goes something like this: after selecting a virtual prepaid card, it would be emailed to the participant immediately through the All Digital Rewards instant redemption process. Within minutes your participant will have their reward and can activate it immediately. Using digital rewards makes increasing engagement simple by giving your sales channel partner incentive program participants what they want when they want it.

Digital rewards can fit whatever channel sales incentive program you are running, whether you are utilizing them as part of a points-based incentive management solution, with your instant win game applications, or as part of a larger marketplace. Your incentive suppliers should have the reward management technology to support offering digital rewards, along with whatever other sales incentive management technology you may need, whether that be a points-based incentive management system, instant win game technology, or a custom solution.

All Digital Rewards is a sales incentive management technology and digital reward provider with a variety of solutions that can be customized to any channel sales incentive program’s needs. ADR  has an extensive offering of digital and prepaid reward products, such as; custom branded prepaid reward cards, VISA physical and Virtual Reward Cards, top name brand gift cards, merchandise, digital rewards and travel for incentive and reward programs that can meet your company’s stakeholders goals for your incentive program.

When looking for someone to provide the technology and rewards you need for your channel sales incentive program, look no further than All Digital Rewards. To talk to one of our Channel Partner Incentive Program experts, call us at 866-415-7703, or click on the button below to schedule a demo.