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Comparing Health Incentive Program Technology Providers

Health and wellness incentive programs are an important part of many companies’ wellness strategies. An incentive program is highly indicative of your workplace health and wellness program’s success. A good health and wellness program can decrease healthcare costs, improve employee morale, and bring a strong return on investment. Despite the many benefits of a health […]

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Use Gift Cards For Channel Sales Success

How effective are gift cards in improving channel sales incentive programs participation? Gift card incentives are staples of incentive marketplaces and are highly recommended by channel partner incentive vendors. The Incentive Research Foundation’s quarterly academic review from fall 2019 reviewed the effectiveness of gift cards in incentive programs and found that Gift cards are one […]

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What to Look For When Comparing Market Research Incentive Program Technology Providers

Market research incentive programs are nothing new. An incentive program is highly indicative of your market research program’s success. A good market research program can decrease costs, improve relationships with panelists, and bring a strong return on investment. Despite the clear benefits of a market research incentive program, when creating an incentive program, many companies […]

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Use Digital Rewards for Your Channel Incentive Programs

When creating an incentive program, the reward mix is a crucial element in your channel sales incentive program’s success. What rewards will you offer? What will appeal to your participants? Do you need a full marketplace of rewards or just a limited number of selections? Do you use physical or digital rewards? The best sales […]

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