Top 5 Panel Recruitment Promotions that Work in Market Research

BY Lucy Fang
Aug 26, 2015


Recruitment promotions are easier said than done. But, here’s the golden question. How can you get more customers? What can you do to attract new customers and have them coming back? Today, we’ll talk about digital to cash-based rewards, open vs. closed loop recruitment, leveraging recognized brands,  and promotions that bring customers in and keep them.

I want you to keep two questions in mind that will work for you. What can you offer that will actually be wanted by customers, and have your customers coming back? And, what is in demand and how do we give this insight? Look for brands who do this well and look to them for example. Leverage those recognized brands. These questions, if answered correctly, will guide you to a successful recruitment promotion.

Here are the top 5-panel recruitment promotions that work in market research.

1: Digital rewards

Digital rewards are rewards that you can send, receive, and download online. Whether it is movie tickets, travel promo codes, or even fuel rewards, consumers are eating them up. Digital rewards are booming because they play into the consumer’s need for instant gratification. Give them what they want, quickly, and they will be more willing to create a relationship and spread your brand’s name.

2: Virtual prepaid

Virtual prepaid cards are the perfect alternative compared to old prepaid cards. Virtual cards are quick, easy to set up, and simple to redeem. This program allows customers to engage and elevates company loyalty goals. These up to date offers show real-time driving revenue and loyalty promotions skyrocket. This option truly gives the customer what they want, when they want it.

3: Promotions

Promotions come in all shapes and sizes. Promotions can range from sweepstakes to social media games, to instant win games. Starting up promotions can be very simple and effective if done in the right strategy. Let’s discuss sweepstakes, for example. Sweepstakes are used to increase retention, increase spend off, and increase engagement. Not every sweepstake needs to be a national sweepstake. You have the option of building to your audience. Keep in mind promotions directly affect lead generation by getting a large audience interested in a short period of time.

4: Cash-based Rewards

Rewards that can be used anywhere for any type of spending? Oh yeah, cash rewards perform amazingly. What is better than receiving a gift that you can spend anywhere? While many people agree that they would rather receive cash than an actual gift, there is a lost piece to the consumer puzzle. If you give consumers cash rewards, what will they remember you by? You lose an opportunity to put your brand in their mind and lose the personalized customer relationship. There are ways around this to still give cash but add a personal touch. For example, prepaid cards can be specific gift cards to be put towards grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, or even giving a digital wallet. These tools will help you express your company’s gratitude for your customers, yet give them something personalized.

Through open and closed loop recruitment, you can get these services for your customers. Open looped recruitment is having a card that is able to work at many different places. Think of a gift of a Visa® or Mastercard®. This card can be used anywhere. This would be best to tie to your partners (affiliates) and to send via direct response techniques such as email, direct mail, telephone, or the internet. Closed-looped recruitment  invitation only

5: Content Generation

Lastly, a recruitment promotion tactic that works but requires work is content generation. This can be blog creation, usage of social networking sites, or even regular emails. The point of content generation is to be a consistent source of information for your audience. This does not mean only trying to sell your point. If you are only trying to sell your business you will fail at content generation. Think of a newspaper, they include information from many different sources and put their own spin on it. They are not only trying to sell ads and blocks of news, but they have a consistent way of putting out new information to get returning customers.

These promotions are good for recruiting new customers. However, there are also options for rewarding employees and giving employee incentives.

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