Benefits of VISA Prepaid Cards Rewards

BY Lucy Fang
Sep 28, 2018
Benefits of Visa Prepaid Card Rewards

Rewards and incentives programs have proven to be invaluable to companies and organizations around the globe. In the case of customer incentives programs, they can increase consumer visits, spending, and advocacy. With employees, reward incentive programs can encourage employee engagement, increase productivity and improve morale. These are just a few of the many types of rewards and incentive programs that are available.

When choosing your rewards for your organization’s incentive program, Visa® Prepaid Card Rewards are a popular reward choice for many different rewards and incentive programs. There are a variety of different benefits to Visa® Prepaid cards that can make them an attractive option, both for companies and consumers. All Digital Rewards has partnered with Visa® to create a comprehensive, customizable, quality prepaid card offering, along with a reward management system capable of meeting your company’s needs.

Visa® prepaid cards can be used as rewards for several different programs such as a sale incentive program, customer incentives, and health and wellness rewards programs, to name a few. Participants can use the Visa® Prepaid Card Rewards for point-of-sale or online purchases. Rewards can be loaded onto these cards as they are earned or given to program participants, allowing your program’s participants to enjoy instant gratification. When compared to other types of rewards, Visa® Prepaid Cards are perceived like cash, making them highly attractive to consumers.

Visa® Prepaid Card Rewards can be customized with your company’s branding. This feature is particularly important when dealing with customer incentives as it increases brand awareness and encourages customers to return to your company time after time. Visa® prepaid cards can also be virtual or physical prepaid cards, depending on your program’s needs. Additionally, you can order either batch or bulk Visa® prepaid cards. All Digital Rewards offers multiple options for placing Visa® prepaid reward card orders—you can order cards in bulk, batch, via API or in some cases, a combination of all three methods.

When ordering Visa® Prepaid cards, your orders are supported with advanced, cloud-based reward payment solutions. All Digital Rewards ensure that ordering is easier, faster, and protected against fraud.  When comparing All Digital Rewards to other digital reward vendors, you will find that with All Digital Rewards placing orders for prepaid cards is more efficient, faster, more flexible and protected.

All Digital Rewards is a leading reward and incentive prepaid card and program provider. We can provide custom branded Visa® prepaid rewards cards and reward program management technology tailored specifically to fit your organization’s incentive rewards program’s needs. All Digital Rewards offers point-based technology and reward management systems, such as SaaS with STACK™, our reward program management software which can simultaneously support multiple incentive and rewards programs with the click of a single mouse button. With responsive expert staff and a wide range of program options, All Digital Rewards has the branded rewards that can meet your company’s incentive and rewards program’s goals. Give our Visa® Prepaid Card Rewards experts a call at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!