Incorporating Virtual Rewards into Your Incentive Program for Remote Workers

BY Lucy Fang
May 29, 2021
Incorporating Virtual Rewards into Your Incentive Program for Remote Workers

As vaccine rates rise and life begins to return to a more normal state, it is clear that some changes brought about by the pandemic may be permanent. A PWC survey showed that around 80% of companies are planning to maintain some amount of remote work post-pandemic. Additionally, a PR Newswire survey showed 1 in 3 employees would consider changing jobs if the company they are working for makes them return to the office.

In the face of this changing workforce, companies are looking for ways to retain and motivate their employees. Employee recognition and engagement is essential to the morale of a company and in maintaining high standards of productivity from their workers. Remote Employee rewards programs are excellent for employee recognition and with the right employee rewards program, you can see higher levels of retention, engagement, morale, and profits. You may also see higher levels of customer acquisition as motivated employees often prove to be the best brand advocates. 

Remote Employee Incentive programs benefit employers by:

  • Motivating Remote Workers
  • Boosting Remote Worker Morale
  • Promoting Teamwork and Engagement While Collaborating Virtually 
  • Retaining Your Company’s Most Talent
  • Providing Measurable Results

A points-based incentive program can be incredibly effective for remote workers. Your workers will adore earning points in incentive programs, which can be spent on an extensive range of prizes such as merchandise, gift cards, experiential rewards, additional paid vacation time, or cash equivalents. Employees are very familiar with what is needed to participate in points-based reward programs and will respond with enthusiasm.

When creating employee rewards programs, particularly for remote workers, the right rewards are very important to your program’s success. The effectiveness of your digital or virtual incentives depends on the type of the virtual reward and how much it is valued by your participants. Virtual rewards can come in many forms; some of the most popular are: Virtual gift card rewards, instant win games, visa virtual cards, and sweepstakes entries.

Primary Benefits of Virtual Incentives:

  • Easy of use for your workers
  • Can’t be lost in the mail
  • Instantly issued to participants
  • Immediately available for use
  • Zero production cost

Virtual Visa prepaid cards and gift card virtual incentives are great choices for remote works. Unlike merchandise, which can take weeks to get to incentive program participants, virtual gift cards and prepaid cards can be redeemed instantly, giving your employees rewarding experiences while participating in your incentive program. 

At All Digital Rewards, we are in the virtual prepaid and gift cards business. All Digital Rewards has an extensive offering of rewards and incentives which are supported by our proprietary SaaS STACK™ solutions. This provides our clients with a true turnkey reward management solution that can fit both small and large-scale employee recognition incentive programs. All Digital Rewards offers custom-branded Prepaid cards and gift cards from over 300+ popular brands and stores, along with experiential rewards and merchandise. 

To learn more about how All Digital Rewards can support your employee recognition program call us today at 866-415-7703 or click to “Schedule a Demo” button at the bottom of the page!