Learn How To Measure Your Channel Sales Program’s Success

BY Lucy Fang
Jul 10, 2020
Learn How To Measure Your Channel Sales Program’s Success

Data is the secret to measuring your success. If you want to dominate your channel sales and set yourself up for an awesome growth curve, you need the right data to build out the metrics for your program. Once you have the data, you can identify your program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with ease.

The most important thing to figure out is what metrics do you need for your channel sales program? You should divide your metrics up into categories: Profitability, Recruitment,  Training/Support, and Success.

Here is the channel sales data you need for each category:

Channel Partner Profitability Metrics:

  • CAC for direct vs, partner sale
  • The retention rates for direct sales vs. partner sales
  • Cross-sell and upsell rates for direct sales vs. partner sales 

Channel Sales Recruitment Metrics:

  • What is the total number of partners
  • Partner attrition rate
  • Recruitment quota attainment data
  • The percentage of partners recruited by channel (for example, 45% from networking groups, 28% from proactive outreach, 17% from referrals, etc.)
  • The average cost of recruiting and onboarding a new partner
  • The average length of time to recruit and onboard a new partner

Channel Sales Training & Support:

  • The percentage of partners who are using the provided sales and marketing collateral
  • The percentage of partners who attend optional events and/or ongoing training
  • The average partner satisfaction score
  • The percentage of partners who have attempted certification
  • The percentage of partners who have completed certification

Channel Sales Success Metrics:

  • The total number of partner deals registered
  • The average value of a partner deal
  • The percentage of accepted partner-submitted deals
  • The percentage of closed partner-submitted deals
  • The average sales cycle length
  • The percentage of your partners who registered a lead in the past month or quarter

With this data in hand, you can compare it to your goals for your program and see how you’re doing. If your program has multiple areas where it needs to improve, consider making some changes to your channel sales incentive program. Implementing a channel sales incentive program, revising your current channel sales incentive program, or adding new program management technology can give your metrics the boost they need for you to achieve your channel sales goals.

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