Experiential Rewards To Increase Your Sales Program Engagement

BY Lucy Fang
Jul 12, 2019
Experiential Rewards To Increase Your Sales Program Engagement

Your sales incentives program is essential to your success with your channel partners. Those rewards motivate and inspire your channel sales team. Over time, adding or changing your incentive offerings is a good strategy to keep your program fresh and vibrant. The question is, what rewards will have the greatest impact?

Here’s where experiential rewards come in. Experiential rewards are always a winner with incentive program participants. They rank as one of the highest in demand rewards. Experiential rewards can include travel, concerts, spa days, dining experiences, sports events, amusement parks, and more. 

Picture your participants excitedly working to earn trips to go white water rafting. Imagine how their eyes will light up when they see they have the chance to earn a three-day vacation. Think how hard they’ll work for that pro golf experience. There are so many options out there to motivate your channel partners. 

Why Experiential Rewards

Experiential rewards do so much more than just give participants something for their efforts. If a participant receives a cash incentive, the moment the cash is spent, the reward is all but forgotten. If they redeem for merchandise, it is something that they’ll enjoy, but usually, only the participant will appreciate the reward.

Experiential rewards create memories and stories. A participant who receives an experiential reward will come back with stories, which they’ll share with other members of their team. This will inspire others to work to earn those incentives. 

The participant who redeemed the experiential reward will treasure those memories and it will create a greater bond between them and your company. They’ll want to earn more rewards and will work harder to get them. Cash may be king, but good memories last forever. 

Experiential rewards can also be shared. You can offer rewards like a romantic getaway for two, or concert tickets for five, or a sporting event experience for three. Maybe send the whole team on a travel adventure. Experiences build relationships and everything is better shared. 

You can use experiential rewards as part of a market place item for a rewards marketplace, or they can be included as sweepstake prizes, or as part of a points-based redemption program. The sky’s the limit. No matter how you use them, your participants will adore them.

All Digital Rewards has an extensive collection of experiential rewards. Our experiential reward categories include: 

  • Fitness & Fun
  • Golf & Ski Experiences
  • Food & Wine Experiences 
  • Fashion, Glamour and Award Shows
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Sports
  • Travel

At All Digital Rewards, we know the importance of offering the right rewards to your channel partner incentive program participants. Talk to our rewards experts to find out how you can integrate experiential rewards into your existing channel partner incentive program. Don’t have an existing program? We’re here to help. We can help you set up an exciting incentive program to motivate your channel sales partners and meet your company goals. To find out more about how we can support your next channel partner incentive program, call us now at 866-415-7703, or click on the button below to schedule a demo.