How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Rebate Processing

BY Lucy Fang
Nov 25, 2015

Rebate sales promotions are commonly known as marketing tactics of the past. However, in the last year, rebates have made a comeback. Drawing in customers and helping them save money through digital rebates and giving back virtually in future credit or other types of savings incentives. Not only is it a detailed process for your customers, but also for your employees. Many people think that rebates are costly with training and for payment processing, but they can be highly prosperous for you and your company. Follow this guide for the top 5 trends coming your way for 2016 year.

1: Following best practices and federal trade commission guidelines

Rebates are one of the oldest tricks in the marketing books. Therefore, there are already guidelines for typical rebate campaigns. Do your research before beginning your rebate processing promotions and don’t rewrite the rules. When dealing with customers, be sure to use clear instructions. Make it easier for your consumers, and do not throw them for a loop. You will find much of your information in the federal trade commission guidelines. However, you need to be timely when returning the rebate. 30 days is recommended by the commission, however, with this digital day and age, 30 days is too long. Remember, customer service is the key to any successful promotion. Guide your customers and always remain kind.

2: Ease of online rebate processing

Online anything tends to be quicker and gains more attention. Why shouldn’t you make your rebates online? Virtual rebates are the top upcoming trend of 2016. This will gain you more sales because customers will be receiving their money back in a timely manner which ultimately, keeps your customers happy.

3: Rebate management tools with real-time analytics and reporting

With the help of some quality rebate management tools, you can easily track your customers and see trends and participation levels. Analytics and reporting are some of the most important concepts in the promotion process. Brands need to look and critically analyze how their efforts are being accepted by the public. Is rebate promotions getting high engagement or would another type of promotion work better for you?

4: Developing reward programs that drive engagement

Reward programs tend to draw customers in with no problem. But what marketers don’t understand is that message, channel, and possibly even color are all driving factors to boost engagement. Look at what programs you are using to bring people in. Play with your campaigns and find the best engaging tools for your brand.

5: Dynamic rebate technology

Rebate technology is not just the old mail-in kind. Several opportunities exist to take your brand online and make your process more dynamic. Think about unique options to have your customers share their products on Facebook or other social networks! Play with different software, techniques, and styles to build your brand.

Your promotions are all trial and error from here. Let All Digital Rewards help you find your rebate processing technique. For more information, call us at 866-415-7703 or click below to schedule a demo.