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Rewarding Loyalty With Rebate Incentives

  Couponing has become a fine art, just look at all the blogs dedicated to clipping and saving. There’s Groupon, Not Your Grandma’s Coupon, and the Krazy Coupon Lady all vying to be the one to satiate our society’s enormous desire to save. These types of rewards are meant for those who go out and […]

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How To Make Your Product Stand Out With Rebate Processing

Rebate sales promotions are commonly known as marketing tactics of the past. However, in the last year, rebates have made a comeback. Drawing in customers and helping them save money through digital rebates and giving back virtually in future credit or other types of savings incentives. Not only is it a detailed process for your […]

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Top 7 Reasons Your Prepaid Card Rebate Program is Weird

Prepaid card rebate programs are hot right now. Multiple industries are trying to set this program up for customer incentives because it actually works! However, companies are struggling because they are making crucial errors that make their card and reward inefficient and, frankly, a pain in their customer’s butts. Imagine a mail-in rebate of $50 […]

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