ADR Introduces EzePlay Rewards

BY Lucy Fang
Nov 10, 2021

All Digital Rewards Introduces EzePlayRewards™ to Create a Personal Relationship with Customers with Point Based Games

The new EzePlayRewards™ product gives companies an engaging affordable end to end solution to increase customer satisfaction and support revenue-generating loyalty programs

All Digital Rewards

November 9, 2021

SCOTTSDALE, Nov. 9, 2021, a leader in Reward Management Technology, today announced EzePlayRewards™, a new product for companies to increase customer trust and engagement across industries, including retail, market research, health and wellness, manufacturing, travel, and hospitality. Built on the ADR Customer RewardSTACK™ Platform, EzePlayRewards™ allows companies to create highly engaging code and point-based loyalty programs using game technology for B2B and B2C customers with a flexible, configurable, and quickly deployable solution that fits their specific needs. Companies offering an EzePlayRewards™ product can target their participant’s specific demographic and reward preferences with games and prize mixes to provide a more personalized experience with the use of games to engage hard to please participants and or for smaller incentives budgets. ADR helps companies across industries, to stay current with customer expectations and help drive business value by creating loyal, lifelong customers with highly responsive gaming experiences.

Loyalty programs help companies drive growth and develop long-term relationships with their customers, many of which today are relying on outdated, fragmented technology. EzePlayRewards™ integrates experiences with evolving industry trends, allowing participants to exchange points or codes to play games for exclusive experiences and products with or without single sign-on integrations. EzePlayRewards™ offers real value to the business and the customer by increasing consumer trust instead of decreasing it.


ADR EzePlayRewards™ empowers companies across multiple industries to create engaging, easily configurable, and effective loyalty programs with uploads, auto redemptions, clicks, codes, and points so that technology can be quickly implemented and customized to nudge desired behavioral outcomes to accommodate today’s evolving user engagement preferences. EzePlayRewards™ is integrated with ADR’s RewardSTACK Platform™, allowing digital leaders to deliver a connected loyalty experience virtually and horizontally during the entire customer journey with nested hierarchical capabilities for reporting insights.

ADR EzePlayRewards™ includes the following capabilities:

Complete loyalty reward management platform with flexibility: EzePlayRewards™ is built on the ADRs RewardSTACK Platform™, allowing businesses to design various programs and campaigns that meet their unique needs. Companies easily configure, earn, redeem, and issue rewards through the core platform that can accommodate a tiered hierarchy and individual issuance configurations. Reward products can process through multiple reward delivery endpoints simultaneously, delivering different experiences and amenities without rewriting code or updating antiquated back-end systems to accommodate more than one program’s needs at the same time.

Drive business value with personalized loyalty offerings: Companies can target different segments of a member base, ensuring offerings to consumers, business customers, or partners and be confident that participants will receive reward products and services that feel unique and customized to their industry needs and customer base preferences. EzePlayRewards™ allows companies to pull in their customer data—including activities completed, sales claimed, marketing interactions, purchase history, and website visits—to create a unified view of the participant and report on the personalized rewards they receive. For example, a bank can issue points to participants for card purchases that in turn are exchangeable for a chance to win a 65 inch smart TV, a health care provider can issue a $25 amazon card at scheduled intervals for walking 5,000 steps a day, or a B2B manufacturer can reward a business customer with a $500 Visa reward card for selling a product, attending a webinar or product training.

One point of integration throughout the organization for single-source loyalty access: EzePlayRewards™ is an extension of ADR’s RewardSTACK Platform™, providing businesses easy access where participants can quickly sign up externally or SSO in for its loyalty programs through EzePlayRewards™. They can send personalized content and notifications to customers with ADR’s communication module in the RewardSTACK Platform™. In addition, businesses can integrate external systems, like a customer data platform, with APIs and integrate third-party solutions to enhance their EzePlayRewards™ program. To create a single source integration point to empower its entire organization to strengthen loyalty across every customer interaction.

Program performance measures loyalty reach: EzePlayRewards’™’ dashboard interface assists a company’s program performance by measuring member retention, acquisition, engagement, and partner performance using easy-to-use reporting tools in real-time. As customers and business needs change, EzePlayRewards™, with the help of ADR’s RewardSTACK Platform™ backend, companies can in real-time determine the best path forward to adjust their programs, including the type of promotions, mode of delivery, and the rewards issued. For example, an organization can identify when their participants aren’t redeeming their points for particular rewards or games and in real-time switch out products and or add a new game with a slightly different prize mix to reduce the company’s overall point liability.

Comments on the News:

“Providing customers with valuable and memorable experiences helps organizations build trust and outperform their competition by achieving high levels of customer loyalty,” said Kathryn Felke, CEO, of All Digital Rewards. “EzePlayRewards™ allows companies across their organization or an industry to evolve their loyalty programs from transactional to human-centric game experience by delivering relationship-building and personalized moments to each customer.”
“Loyalty programs continue to be slow to adapt and move beyond simple point and redemption exchanges. Companies need to focus more on the types of programs deployed, experiences delivered, and products used to reinforce brand strategies, ” said Kathy Willett, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Board Member of ADR’s Incentive Rewards Council. “Customers are looking for a product that represents the next generation of loyalty like EzePlayRewards™, that gives companies the ability to evolve, create, and measure a loyalty program that is capable of providing personalized and engaging offerings in real-time.”


EzePlayRewards™ will be generally available in January 2022.

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