Eight Ways to Breath New Life Into Your Wellness Program

BY Lucy Fang
Nov 06, 2021
blog image All Digital Rewards - 8 Ways to Breath New Life Into Your Wellness Program

Does your organization need to update your health and wellness incentive program, or are you about to start your first one? There are many options for incentive programs, with rewards including prizes, cash, trips, and more. Setting up a wellness program with all the right elements is essential to engage your health program participants and motivate them to complete health goals. How can you develop a wellness program that benefits your employees while saving your organization money? Fortunately, the problem is far from impossible to solve.

Health and wellness employee incentive programs are thriving in today’s health-conscious world. Organizations are committing to this trend and becoming leaders in promoting preventative health care among their staff and efficiently lowering their insurance burden. By offering a range of participation incentives that are health-related will not only promote self-care and an overall healthy lifestyle, but it also saves your organization money over time! Health care costs are higher than ever, but a great way to reduce workplace downtime, increase productivity and save money is to offer your staff a health and wellness program, which reduces overall healthcare costs.

Another important consideration in developing a program is understanding that it isn’t just about offering participation incentives. You need the right incentive payout technologies to execute it. Deploying an easy-to-use reward payout system helps facilitate the program in a way that gives your staff something to look forward to while caring for their health and gives your organization the ability to measure its effectiveness.

There is a strategy for the health and wellness programs to remain successful, and we are going to let you in on the secret: Offer a variety of rewards. Mixing up the reward offerings is a must for your health incentive program. If you do not evolve or offer new products, then the program will begin to feel stale, and your participants will quickly lose interest. That may sound a bit alarming since there probably is a budget for your proposed program, but the incentives don’t have to break the bank! Below are eight great and budget-friendly ways to breathe new life into any health and wellness program:

  1. Fitness or Wellness Items: could be water bottles, fit bits, pedometer, equipment, etc.
  2. Free Fitness Classes: offer them on site or maybe to a local gym/fitness center.
  3. PTO (Paid Time Off): this is probably one of the most favored offerings because who doesn’t love a random day off?
  4. Company Wide Appreciation: company wide email/newsletter/bulletin postings showing how great your employees are doing is great for recognition.
  5. Gym Membership Reimbursement: this is a great way to really get people to go to the gym. Some may already want to go to the gym and get their health on track, but may not be able to afford the membership.
  6. Company Branded Merchandise: water bottles, lunch containers, first aid kits, canvas bags, etc.
  7. Credits Applied to Health Insurance Premium: with today’s crazy health insurance premiums, we guarantee this is a winner.
  8. Cash, Gift Cards, Rewards: these are your basic participation incentives and set the foundation of motivation, they will go a long way for a while, but it’s best to switch them up before your participants lose interest.

Offering a health and wellness incentive program doesn’t have to break the bank. In the long run, a health and wellness program saves money, promotes a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life.  

At All Digital Rewards we will help you increase participation in your wellness program. By motivating and sustaining behavior change, we help healthcare plans and companies, employers, and other healthcare providers reduce costs and improve outcomes. To learn more about creating a health and wellness program and our health and wellness reward management platform call our All Digital Rewards health and wellness experts today at 866-415-7703 or click the button below to schedule a demo.