Provide your customers and clients the flexibility of custom-designed prepaid card rewards by choosing All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions for your prepaid card fulfillment needs.

All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions provides full-service prepaid solutions that most competitors fail to match. Many marketing brands think becoming a program manager to sell prepaid cards is a simple task, but it is a costly investment that few can achieve and may take years to achieve. First, you have to find an issuing bank partner that is willing to work with your company. Second, obtain & integrate a processing solution to manage your card funding & settlement process. Then you need to secure a relationship with a dependable printing & fulfillment center, all the while making sure you offer 24-7 call center support and build out a technology solution to manage everything. If you can manage to accomplish all the above, now it is time to have to have the upfront capital and industry knowledge to pull it off – getting into this market very difficult.

  • Consultation to advice on the best options for your program
  • Prepaid Card & Packaging design
  • Program submission from Visa, MasterCard, or Discover
  • Options for card functionality such as reloadable, ATM accessible, or usage limitations
  • Branded cardholder experience & 24-7 support

All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions has taken all the critical elements in the value chain to offer and built a fully customized prepaid solution that can be brought to market quickly. We regularly work with resellers in a variety of capacities and offer multiple ways to share in the revenue potential.

  • Corporate Card 
  • Financial Institutions
  • Promotional Program Cards