Using Instant Win Games in 2020

BY Lucy Fang
Jan 24, 2020
Using Instant Win Games in 2020

Instant win games are incredibly successful in getting new customers and companies to visit your site, come to your establishment, give you more data and information, and even increase employee recruitment and sales. You can use fun and exciting elements like a Plinko game or mobile phone scratch off and spin to win games where the participant enjoys instant gratification. Games can alternatively be over a period of time, helping to deepen engagement. The success of these games has always led to more games being used more often and a healthier-looking bottom line.

Instant win games success involves having the right incentive rewards, planning for the right instant win game systems, using the right instant win game technology, and working with the right instant win game companies.

Incentive drawings are designed and deployed to impact participants’ behavior and are meant to engage them with an opportunity to win an offered high perceived value that is enticing enough to impact the participants’ behavior. This is part of why it is important to set up your program correctly and to work with instant win game prize incentive suppliers to make sure that you have the right prizes to excite your participants, whether those are experiential rewards, virtual visa prepaid cards, incentive gift cards, or merchandise. 

For both your convenience and your participants, you must have the right instant win game technology. By having a built-in instant win games management system, the flexibility of starting up new games and promotions is very simple as well as quite effective.

If you work with a good instant win game management company, you’ll be able to easily set up your instant win games and avoid legal, operational, and financial pitfalls. Legal issues associated with a promotional drawing can have considerable ramifications for your company. To avoid the considerable issues associated with drawings, it is in your best interest to team up with an instant win games company with extensive experience in designing and managing instant win games.

At All Digital Rewards, we make it easy for our clients to find reliable and 100% efficient instant win games administration on every level. Your reward for engaging with All Digital Rewards is a higher ROI with less effort and faster solutions. Put our knowledge and skill to the test. We don’t succeed unless you do. 

When our clients implement our SaaS GameSTACK™ reward management technology along with our Reward WIZARD™ API for a single-point integration to their existing system assets they are immediately connected to ADR’s extensive incentive reward products offerings to engage respondents real-time with a simple, easy to deploy and affordable sweepstakes and instant win drawings games.

All Digital Rewards specializes in program management software solutions utilizing various Microservices that provide single point integration, PCI level security, complex event processing, scalable proofing systems, reporting, and analytics. For more information about how our GameSTACK™ SaaS reward management platform can benefit your incentive program initiatives, call 866-415-7703 now or click on the button below to schedule a demo.