Top 10 Reasons Why You Need All Digital Rewards

BY Lucy Fang
Aug 11, 2015

Having a positive customer experience can be difficult to maintain, especially in light of how fast things change. Companies are evolving and are in need of dynamic processes to keep the personal client touch all while easily integrating a new platform. We are the leaders in loyalty technology and incentives. We are All Digital Rewards.

Why are we different?

All Digital Rewards is always evolving. We only grow as our clients grow and succeed. We developed a platform that improves your ability to increase loyalty stickiness and create advocacy for your clients and industry. No matter what industry, size, or budget you may have, we have a product for you. Other loyalty management solutions choose to have one platform and fit all clients into their form with an option here and there to “accommodate”. With All Digital Rewards, there is much more than a turnkey solution. ADR’s ideas are original loyalty solutions made specifically for you.

1) Advanced Technologies

With each unique industry comes different attributes. Retail would not use the same technology as market research or hospitality. Our systems must be dedicated to your specific needs to increase your business’s efficiency. Our technology is brand new with dynamic architecture, omnichannel engagement, data security, and real-time analytics. We understand that every customer is different, so our products are unique, just like you.

2) Low-Cost and Affordable

We understand that not everyone can afford a top-of-the-line loyalty company. We
create a custom design for all price points. When we work with you, we offer loyalty modules “a la carte,” pick what you want and create your own loyalty program. You can do this knowing that our goal as your partner is to ensure your growth while, at the same time, being sure you have the ability to evolve and grow your loyalty on the fly.

3) Extensive Offerings

We can handle the implementation of multiple programs, offers, and landing pages. ADR works with you to continually add offerings to fully maximize your customer engagement. We have over 200,000 products in our reward catalog, we offer multilingual opportunities, and can launch your brand in 150-plus countries. With our omnichannel product, you will quickly improve your ROI, increase your loyalty, and advance the advocacy of your customers.

4)Technology Alignment

Our product is a dynamic platform that can link technology to achieve business objectives. Initially, we implemented this to improve the financial performance of campaigns, but it has become a key piece to the efficiency of tasks.

5) Data Integrity

When it comes to your information, you can be sure that we will protect your company. Information is always stored confidentially, safely, and securely.

6) Flexible Solutions

Our solutions are specifically built for you and your needs. But there are some qualities that are mandatory in all of our products. ADR’s products are responsive, connected to mobile, and promotion ready. We use real-time multiple devices that show no boundaries. 3rd party integrations are much simpler when you only need to plug them in. We create B2B2C solutions involving all aspects of a transaction. Lastly, we have a modular design, no big box restriction, and digital delivery.

7) True Integration

User experience is first. We integrate your company into a friendly interface with capabilities to track, score, and ultimately keep your customers happy.

8) Friendly Interface

With our platforms, you will engage, cross-sell, up-sell, convert, and retain consumers. Our efforts show that customers will stay on your site for up to three minutes more than the average (8 seconds). Capture efficiencies within your company. See what works and what doesn’t so you can encourage retention rates, nurture advocacy, increase customer spending and improve the overall experience.

9) B2B2C Engagement

When you use our platform, you are engaging in a system of relationships. There are opportunities to influence b2b and b2c. We satisfy the needs of channel partners and consumers.

10) Reward Design

There are hundreds of different types of rewards to choose one. We make it simply by organizing rewards into pin numbers, physical rewards, and digital rewards. Try out different types of rewards to see what your customers respond to. At this point, it is all testing, testing, testing.


All Digital Rewards is a company that works with you. We care about you and your customers. We create a platform to give your customers the best experience, all while helping you manage and develop new strategies and campaigns.

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