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Cash Vs Blended Incentive Model: What Performs Better?

The following is a case study regarding a leading global market research company’s incentive reward program.  They own and operate multiple research panels that deploy different incentives and delivery mechanisms to recruit, engage and retain panelists for research projects and programs.  They actively engage millions of members with various client projects and programs.   They have […]

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Urgent! How to Become a Reseller, ISO, Distributor of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are the epitome of the perfect gift. You spend your money on your choice of customer product but still have the reward of a gift mentally. Companies are chomping at the bit to get their prepaid cards set up for consumer promotions. These companies are looking for middlemen to resell, ISO, and distribute […]

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Top 5 Panel Recruitment Promotions that Work in Market Research

  Recruitment promotions are easier said than done. But, here’s the golden question. How can you get more customers? What can you do to attract new customers and have them coming back? Today, we’ll talk about digital to cash-based rewards, open vs. closed loop recruitment, leveraging recognized brands,  and promotions that bring customers in and […]

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