Set Your Rebate Program Up For Success

BY Lucy Fang
Aug 02, 2019
Set Your Rebate Program Up For Success

Rebates are here to stay. Over 70% of Americans take advantage of rebates every year. Rebates are a clear favorite among all different kinds of companies, incentivizing purchases, encouraging desired behavior, and increasing brand advocacy. A good rebate program will include rebate management technology, easy rebate redemption, and a strong support system.

Companies with effective rebate management are able to analyze program results, improve ROI, and eliminate overpayments. In order to ensure a successful rebate program, it is worth considering working with an established rebate program management service. Working with rebate program management experts allows companies to focus on their business, knowing their rebate program is in good hands.

Rebate incentive program providers allow for long-term cost savings and efficiency, along with higher participant satisfaction and access to essential program technology. Additionally, rebate and fulfillment support service providers can help you navigate rebate laws and redemption rules. Rebate laws and redemption rules tend to vary from location to location, and local legislation may end up dictating the types of rebates you can offer. With Rebate experts on your side, like our team at All Digital Rewards, you will be able to ensure that the programs you need are implemented while remaining in compliance with local laws and regulations.

All Digital Rewards offers the support and resources for your rebate program’s success. Our online rebate portal provides real-time analytics, ease of access, and allows you to reach your consumers when and where they want to be reached. The user experience is simple and straight-forward, allowing for easy redemption. Participants who can easily redeem their rebates are happier and more likely to continue to participate in the future.

Our technology boasts a single API connection, allowing clients to process sales, rebate claims, and validation events. Additionally, our technology allows for issuing incentive payouts in the form of digital rewards, VISA rewards, and name brand gift cards, while also offering real-time reporting and analytics – all of which is accessible through a single integration to our RewardSTACK ™ and RewardWIZARD ™ API.

Our RewardWIZARD ™ API allows for a single connection for processing rebate incentives, validation events, and fulfillment for digital rewards, experiential rewards, physical merchandise, and digital and physical prepaid products. RewardWIZARD ™ includes real-time activation and delivery of digital rewards, travel, sweepstakes, merchandise, and prepaid cards. RewardSTACK ™Back Office gives you access to reporting and customer service toolsets including reporting by Dealer, Dealer program, Client, and consumer end-users. The consumer experience is customizable for each of your programs or participant levels.

Let All Digital Rewards help you create, implement, and manage a successful rebate program. For more information on our rebate and fulfillment support services, and the proprietary the STACK™ program management SaaS applications that complement them, call us now at 866-415-7703, or click on the button below to schedule a demo.