Remarkable Advice: The Lazy Guide To an API-Plug In Promotion

BY Lucy Fang
Nov 11, 2015

Pre-paid card promotions are the top alternative payment option of 2016. A quarter of Americans and a third of millennials have used a prepaid card, according to an April 2015 survey by TD Bank.

An application programming interface(API) are routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API expresses a software component in terms of its operations, inputs, outputs, and underlying types.

So, how do we link these two concepts to develop customer engagement and get you more leads? Read on for the answers and share this article with your colleagues.

First, let’s talk a bit about prepaid debit cards, how to intertwine those with incentive promotions, and lastly, how to link rebate processing into the mix. Prepaid debit cards are a new way to manage money.

Users are able to load their cards with money they already have instead of putting it on personal credit, which only fosters debt.

Now, prepaid cards are simple tools, but they are also great offers for enticing consumers to use your business. Let’s think of JCPenny’s, this company offers an instant discount for using their card and even bigger savings when you sign up for a card in-store.

The key to their prepaid card success is not the card itself, it is the incentive promotion that comes with it; the savings. This works for multiple businesses in the market research, retail, gaming, and health departments.  

Lastly, when offering savings in the form of rebates, be sure to include online redemption and processing.

There are three characteristics that an API Plug-In needs when dealing with Prepaid Card Promotions.

1: Dynamic Architecture and Real-Time Analytics

Having a dynamic system is critical to promotions of this time. Offer a plug-in that can be manipulated to multiple platforms. Are you able to share it on social media? Does it work with your website? And can it be processed in an email campaign? These are questions you must ask yourself in your promotion planning stages. Are your customers able to connect to you quickly and efficiently?

Real-time analytics not only adheres to the customer’s need for instant gratification but also leverages instant analytics for you. Watch the leads generate and your business grow and manipulate those results by adding or subtracting new campaigns.

2: Simple to use

Your plug-in should be simple for the consumer and simple for your employees to work with and capture vital information. There are countless businesses that don’t focus their energy on setting up the right API for their field and end up back at square one. Do the research beforehand and look to see what your competitors are doing in their processes and protocols for generating leads. Make it simple for your customers and see their interest in your business go through the roof.

3: Understand that you have control

The last characteristic is as simple as confidence. Have faith in your promotion and understand that you have the control to change or grow your company with new routines and software that you implement in your company. A little confidence in yourself can push your business a long way.

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