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10 Tips For Choosing The Right Incentive & Reward Solution Vendor

Every incentive program seeks for high user experience satisfaction scores while maintaining operational efficiency. The right technology makes this much easier. Technology manages participants, activities, event processing, different use case redemptions, validations, QA, reward fulfillment, reporting, and more.  Organizations want to find ways to use technology to improve incentive payout processing, management, and fulfillment for […]

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Increase Customer Loyalty Through Rebates

Looking for a more efficient way to increase customer loyalty and engagement with your brand? Rebates programs are an effective way to motivate your customers to use your products and services over your competitors. The challenge is, how do you create a rebate program that will fit both your budget and will motivate your customers? […]

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Are You Embarrassed By Your E-Gift Code Rewards? We can help

Incentive programs drive customer behaviors and ultimately drive your sales revenue. Incentive programs are not what they used to be. Instead of coupons and extra savings when you purchase in-store, prepaid cards and gift codes offered online are bringing in customers to purchase more than they ever have in the past. Millennials are digital entrepreneurs […]

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Remarkable Advice: The Lazy Guide To an API-Plug In Promotion

Pre-paid card promotions are the top alternative payment option of 2016. A quarter of Americans and a third of millennials have used a prepaid card, according to an April 2015 survey by TD Bank. An application programming interface(API) are routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API expresses a software component in terms […]

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