Professional Secrets: Why Test Drive Marketing Succeeds in 2016

BY Lucy Fang
Dec 17, 2015
Automotive Loyalty, Dealership, Automotive Promotion

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All Digital Rewards announces new test drive marketing promotion for 2016

Lake Havasu City AZ, December 15, 2015- 2016 is right around the corner and with it, comes new marketing promotions and incentives. All Digital Rewards announced a new test-drive marketing promotion for 2016. In this promotion, All Digital Rewards will be managing the entire lead generation promotion for automotive dealers, making the direct marketing process simple and easy and having a cost-effective solution and high customer appeal.

All Digital Rewards offers an entire promotion strategy that works hand-in-hand with automotive dealers and general managers sales goals. All Digital Rewards is a full-service marketing agency that provides direct mail list procurement, mail piece design, and test drive reward fulfillment.  Our entire program management approach makes lead generation a simple and cost-effective solution for automotive dealers.  All Digital Rewards expert marketing and design team make the process simple and generate the foot traffic into your dealership. There are over five samples to choose from, all of which are cost affordable and drive consumer behaviors.

This marketing strategy includes multiple customer incentive options. There are physical prepaid cards and virtual prepaid cards for my test-drive rewards card choices. These incentives are open-looped, meaning they have the ability to be used in any situation and are sure to create lead generation. Customers are allowed to select any option physical or virtual based on their preferences. With giving consumers the option of choice, otherwise known as redemption selection, automotive dealers play into the customer’s needs for instant gratification while providing options.

With this new marketing promotion, automotive dealers receive an easy ordering process with All Digital Rewards’ applied technology. All Digital Rewards offers cost-effective solutions by working with the client’s needs and offering program development management, and incentive fulfillment. All Digital Rewards works with your offers to create an overall higher customer appeal. Let All Digital Rewards help you manage the entire marketing process to generate more foot traffic into your dealership.

About All Digital Rewards

All Digital Rewards is the leading engagement specialist that work directly with customer and employee loyalty and incentives.